validate_username( string $username )

Checks whether a username is valid.



(string) (Required) Username.

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(bool) Whether username given is valid.

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More Information

This function attempts to sanitize the username, and if it “passes”, the name is considered valid. For additional logic, you can use the ‘validate_username‘ hook.

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File: wp-includes/user.php

function validate_username( $username ) {
	$sanitized = sanitize_user( $username, true );
	$valid     = ( $sanitized == $username && ! empty( $sanitized ) );

	 * Filters whether the provided username is valid.
	 * @since 2.0.1
	 * @param bool   $valid    Whether given username is valid.
	 * @param string $username Username to check.
	return apply_filters( 'validate_username', $valid, $username );

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Version Description
4.4.0 Empty sanitized usernames are now considered invalid.
2.0.1 Introduced.

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