the_title( string $before = '', string $after = '', bool $display = true ): void|string

Displays or retrieves the current post title with optional markup.


$before string Optional
Markup to prepend to the title.

Default: ''

$after string Optional
Markup to append to the title.

Default: ''

$display bool Optional
Whether to echo or return the title. Default true for echo.

Default: true

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void|string Void if $display argument is true or the title is empty, current post title if $display is false.

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More Information

This function displays or returns the unescaped title of the current post. This tag may only be used within The Loop, to get the title of a post outside of the loop use get_the_title. If the post is protected or private, this will be noted by the words “Protected: ” or “Private: ” prepended to the title.

Security considerations

Like the_content() , the output of the_title() is unescaped. This is considered a feature and not a bug, see the FAQ “Why are some users allowed to post unfiltered HTML?” . If the post title is <script>alert("test");</script>, then that JavaScript code will be run wherever the_title() is used. For this reason, do not write code that allows untrusted users to create post titles.

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File: wp-includes/post-template.php. View all references

function the_title( $before = '', $after = '', $display = true ) {
	$title = get_the_title();

	if ( strlen( $title ) === 0 ) {

	$title = $before . $title . $after;

	if ( $display ) {
		echo $title;
	} else {
		return $title;

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Version Description
0.71 Introduced.

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