the_shortlink( string $text = , string $title = , string $before = , string $after =  )

Displays the shortlink for a post.


Must be called from inside "The Loop"

Call like the_shortlink( __( ‘Shortlinkage FTW’ ) )


Optional The link text or HTML to be displayed. Defaults to ‘This is the short link.’


Optional The tooltip for the link. Must be sanitized. Defaults to the sanitized post title.


Optional HTML to display before the link.


Optional HTML to display after the link.


More Information

Used on single post permalink pages, this template tag displays a “URL shortening” link for the current post. By default, this will mean the URL has a format of /?p=1234, and will only appear if pretty permalinks are enabled.

However, this feature is limited by design and intended to be leveraged by plugins that may offer links in a different format, a custom format, or even a format provided by a third-party URL shortening service. Refer to get_permalink() if you want to return the permalink to a post for use in PHP.

Note: This function outputs the complete shortlink for the post, to return the shortlink use wp_get_shortlink().


function the_shortlink( $text = '', $title = '', $before = '', $after = '' ) {
	$post = get_post();

	if ( empty( $text ) ) {
		$text = __( 'This is the short link.' );

	if ( empty( $title ) ) {
		$title = the_title_attribute( array( 'echo' => false ) );

	$shortlink = wp_get_shortlink( $post->ID );

	if ( ! empty( $shortlink ) ) {
		$link = '<a rel="shortlink" href="' . esc_url( $shortlink ) . '" title="' . $title . '">' . $text . '</a>';

		 * Filters the short link anchor tag for a post.
		 * @since 3.0.0
		 * @param string $link      Shortlink anchor tag.
		 * @param string $shortlink Shortlink URL.
		 * @param string $text      Shortlink's text.
		 * @param string $title     Shortlink's title attribute.
		$link = apply_filters( 'the_shortlink', $link, $shortlink, $text, $title );
		echo $before, $link, $after;


apply_filters( ‘the_shortlink’, string $link, string $shortlink, string $text, string $title )

Filters the short link anchor tag for a post.



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