Prints the script queue in the HTML head on admin pages.

Description Description

Postpones the scripts that were queued for the footer. print_footer_scripts() is called in the footer to print these scripts.

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File: wp-includes/script-loader.php

function print_head_scripts() {
	global $concatenate_scripts;

	if ( ! did_action('wp_print_scripts') ) {
		/** This action is documented in wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php */
		do_action( 'wp_print_scripts' );

	$wp_scripts = wp_scripts();

	$wp_scripts->do_concat = $concatenate_scripts;

	 * Filters whether to print the head scripts.
	 * @since 2.8.0
	 * @param bool $print Whether to print the head scripts. Default true.
	if ( apply_filters( 'print_head_scripts', true ) ) {

	return $wp_scripts->done;

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.8.0 Introduced.

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