previous_image_link( string|int[] $size = ‘thumbnail’, string|false $text = false )

Displays previous image link that has the same post parent.


Image size. Accepts any registered image size name, or an array of width and height values in pixels (in that order). Default 'thumbnail'.


Link text.


More Information


Typically uses in attachment.php. In the WordPress default theme Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve, it is used in image.php.

previous_image_link( $size, $text );

This creates a link to the previous image attached to the current post. Whenever a series of images are linked to the attachment page, it will put a ‘previous image link’ with the images when viewed in the attachment page.


function previous_image_link( $size = 'thumbnail', $text = false ) {
	echo get_previous_image_link( $size, $text );



User Contributed Notes

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    Define a Custom Image Size

    <?php previous_image_link( array( 37, 37 ) ); ?>

    Please note that passing an array as the first parameter will not create a new image; It will use the web browser to re-size the thumbnail to fit into the given dimensions. Although this works in a pinch, it produces a rather distorted view of the image due to the fact that browsers have no way of re sampling the re-sized image.

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