is_active_widget( string|false $callback = false, int|false $widget_id = false, string|false $id_base = false, bool $skip_inactive = true )

Whether widget is displayed on the front end.

Description Description

Either $callback or $id_base can be used $id_base is the first argument when extending WP_Widget class Without the optional $widget_id parameter, returns the ID of the first sidebar in which the first instance of the widget with the given callback or $id_base is found. With the $widget_id parameter, returns the ID of the sidebar where the widget with that callback/$id_base AND that ID is found.

NOTE: $widget_id and $id_base are the same for single widgets. To be effective this function has to run after widgets have initialized, at action ‘init’ or later.

Parameters Parameters


(string|false) (Optional) Widget callback to check.

Default value: false


(int|false) (Optional) Widget ID. Optional, but needed for checking.

Default value: false


(string|false) (Optional) The base ID of a widget created by extending WP_Widget.

Default value: false


(bool) (Optional) Whether to check in 'wp_inactive_widgets'.

Default value: true

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Return Return

(string|false) False if widget is not active or id of sidebar in which the widget is active.

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Source Source

File: wp-includes/widgets.php

function is_active_widget( $callback = false, $widget_id = false, $id_base = false, $skip_inactive = true ) {
	global $wp_registered_widgets;

	$sidebars_widgets = wp_get_sidebars_widgets();

	if ( is_array($sidebars_widgets) ) {
		foreach ( $sidebars_widgets as $sidebar => $widgets ) {
			if ( $skip_inactive && ( 'wp_inactive_widgets' === $sidebar || 'orphaned_widgets' === substr( $sidebar, 0, 16 ) ) ) {

			if ( is_array($widgets) ) {
				foreach ( $widgets as $widget ) {
					if ( ( $callback && isset($wp_registered_widgets[$widget]['callback']) && $wp_registered_widgets[$widget]['callback'] == $callback ) || ( $id_base && _get_widget_id_base($widget) == $id_base ) ) {
						if ( !$widget_id || $widget_id == $wp_registered_widgets[$widget]['id'] )
							return $sidebar;
	return false;

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.2.0 Introduced.

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