get_theme_mod( string $name, mixed $default_value = false ): mixed

Retrieves theme modification value for the active theme.


If the modification name does not exist and $default_value is a string, then the default will be passed through the sprintf() PHP function with the template directory URI as the first value and the stylesheet directory URI as the second value.

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$name string Required
Theme modification name.
$default_value mixed Optional
Theme modification default value.

Default: false

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mixed Theme modification value.

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File: wp-includes/theme.php. View all references

function get_theme_mod( $name, $default_value = false ) {
	$mods = get_theme_mods();

	if ( isset( $mods[ $name ] ) ) {
		 * Filters the theme modification, or 'theme_mod', value.
		 * The dynamic portion of the hook name, `$name`, refers to the key name
		 * of the modification array. For example, 'header_textcolor', 'header_image',
		 * and so on depending on the theme options.
		 * @since 2.2.0
		 * @param mixed $current_mod The value of the active theme modification.
		return apply_filters( "theme_mod_{$name}", $mods[ $name ] );

	if ( is_string( $default_value ) ) {
		// Only run the replacement if an sprintf() string format pattern was found.
		if ( preg_match( '#(?<!%)%(?:\d+\$?)?s#', $default_value ) ) {
			// Remove a single trailing percent sign.
			$default_value = preg_replace( '#(?<!%)%$#', '', $default_value );
			$default_value = sprintf( $default_value, get_template_directory_uri(), get_stylesheet_directory_uri() );

	/** This filter is documented in wp-includes/theme.php */
	return apply_filters( "theme_mod_{$name}", $default_value );

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Version Description
2.1.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by bdthemes

    Calling Background color with a default value
    Sometimes you need to set default value for avoid any bad situation. This example could be used to add the custom background color as a border on the top of the footer with default color white. It would be css inserted in the header:

    .footer {
         border-top: solid 1px #<?php echo get_theme_mod( 'background_color', '#fff' ); ?>;

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