comment_author_url_link( string $link_text = '', string $before = '', string $after = '', int|WP_Comment $comment )

Displays the HTML link of the URL of the author of the current comment.


$link_text string Optional
Text to display instead of the comment author's email address.

Default: ''

$before string Optional
Text or HTML to display before the email link.

Default: ''

$after string Optional
Text or HTML to display after the email link.

Default: ''

$comment int|WP_Comment Optional
Comment ID or WP_Comment object.
Default is the current comment.

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File: wp-includes/comment-template.php. View all references

function comment_author_url_link( $link_text = '', $before = '', $after = '', $comment = 0 ) {
	echo get_comment_author_url_link( $link_text, $before, $after, $comment );

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Version Description
4.6.0 Added the $comment parameter.
0.71 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Codex

    Link Text and Styling

    Displays comment author’s URL as text string Visit Site of Comment Author and adds bullets before and after the link to style it.

    <?php comment_author_url_link('Visit Site of Comment Author', ' &bull; ', ' &bull; '); ?>

    • Visit Site of Comment Author •

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