bloginfo_rss( string $show =  )

Displays RSS container for the bloginfo function.


You can retrieve anything that you can using the get_bloginfo() function.
Everything will be stripped of tags and characters converted, when the values are retrieved for use in the feeds.

See also


See get_bloginfo() for possible values.
More Arguments from get_bloginfo( … $show )Site info to retrieve. Default empty (site name).



function bloginfo_rss( $show = '' ) {
	 * Filters the bloginfo for display in RSS feeds.
	 * @since 2.1.0
	 * @see get_bloginfo()
	 * @param string $rss_container RSS container for the blog information.
	 * @param string $show          The type of blog information to retrieve.
	echo apply_filters( 'bloginfo_rss', get_bloginfo_rss( $show ), $show );


apply_filters( ‘bloginfo_rss’, string $rss_container, string $show )

Filters the bloginfo for display in RSS feeds.



User Contributed Notes

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    Here is the example for displaying the information of blogs.

    For Example,
    ‘name’: Display the blog title.
    ‘description’: Display the blog description.
    ‘url’: Display the blog URL.
    ‘language’: Display the language used on the blog.

    So, Here we are display the Blog Title and Description:

    bloginfo_rss( 'name' );
    bloginfo_rss( 'description' );

    If you need to retrieve this information for use elsewhere, you can use the get_bloginfo() function with the same parameters as mentioned above.

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