block_template_part( string $part )

Prints a block template part.


The block template part to print. Either 'header' or 'footer'.


function block_template_part( $part ) {
	$template_part = get_block_template( get_stylesheet() . '//' . $part, 'wp_template_part' );
	if ( ! $template_part || empty( $template_part->content ) ) {
	echo do_blocks( $template_part->content );



User Contributed Notes

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    Note that this outputs the content of the template part, and does not use any parameters added to the template part itself.

    In other words,
    If you have a template part, and you are adding it inside a HTML block template in a block theme with these parameters:

    wp:template-part {"slug":"footer","tagName":"footer","className":"site-footer"}

    Using block_template_part() to output the same template part in a PHP template, does not output the wrapping footer element and the site-footer CSS class.

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