block_template_part( string $part )

Prints a block template part.


$part string Required
The block template part to print. Use "header" or "footer".

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File: wp-includes/block-template-utils.php. View all references

function block_template_part( $part ) {
	$template_part = get_block_template( get_stylesheet() . '//' . $part, 'wp_template_part' );
	if ( ! $template_part || empty( $template_part->content ) ) {
	echo do_blocks( $template_part->content );

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Version Description
5.9.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Carolina Nymark

    Note that this outputs the content of the template part, and does not use any parameters added to the template part itself.

    In other words,
    If you have a template part, and you are adding it inside a HTML block template in a block theme with these parameters:

    wp:template-part {"slug":"footer","tagName":"footer","className":"site-footer"}

    Using block_template_part() to output the same template part in a PHP template, does not output the wrapping footer element and the site-footer CSS class.

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