balanceTags( string $text, bool $force = false ): string

Balances tags if forced to, or if the ‘use_balanceTags’ option is set to true.


Text to be balanced
If true, forces balancing, ignoring the value of the option.



string Balanced text

More Information

The option ‘use_balanceTags’ is used for whether the tags will be balanced. Either the $force parameter or ‘use_balanceTags’ option need to be true before the tags will be balanced.


function balanceTags( $text, $force = false ) {  // phpcs:ignore WordPress.NamingConventions.ValidFunctionName.FunctionNameInvalid
	if ( $force || (int) get_option( 'use_balanceTags' ) === 1 ) {
		return force_balance_tags( $text );
	} else {
		return $text;



User Contributed Notes

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    The `use_balanceTags` option has default 0. The admin UI for it was removed several years ago, along with the UI for `use_smilies` (default 1), in Dashboard/Settings/Writing. So the core filters calling `balanceTags() `, such as ‘content_save_pre’, do nothing unless the user set an option in the distant past, or a plugin/theme changed the setting.

    The bug ticket back then said the TinyMCE editor handles the balancing in ‘Visual’ mode, and users in ‘Text’ mode should be allowed to do their own balancing, by default. Opinion changed to that as the ticket developed:

    Most coders will want to use `force_balance_tags() ` instead of `balanceTags() `.

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