WP_Scripts::get_dependents( string $handle ): string[]

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This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.

Gets all dependents of a script.


The script handle.


string[] Script handles.


private function get_dependents( $handle ) {
	// Check if dependents map for the handle in question is present. If so, use it.
	if ( isset( $this->dependents_map[ $handle ] ) ) {
		return $this->dependents_map[ $handle ];

	$dependents = array();

	// Iterate over all registered scripts, finding dependents of the script passed to this method.
	foreach ( $this->registered as $registered_handle => $args ) {
		if ( in_array( $handle, $args->deps, true ) ) {
			$dependents[] = $registered_handle;

	// Add the handles dependents to the map to ease future lookups.
	$this->dependents_map[ $handle ] = $dependents;

	return $dependents;



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