wp widget <command>

Manages widgets, including adding and moving them within sidebars.

A widget adds content and features to a widget area (also called a sidebar).


# List widgets on a given sidebar
$ wp widget list sidebar-1
| name     | id         | position | options              |
| meta     | meta-6     | 1        | {"title":"Meta"}     |
| calendar | calendar-2 | 2        | {"title":"Calendar"} |

# Add a calendar widget to the second position on the sidebar
$ wp widget add calendar sidebar-1 2
Success: Added widget to sidebar.

# Update option(s) associated with a given widget
$ wp widget update calendar-1 --title="Calendar"
Success: Widget updated.

# Delete one or more widgets entirely
$ wp widget delete calendar-2 archive-1
Success: 2 widgets removed from sidebar.

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Name Description
wp widget add

Add a widget to a sidebar.

wp widget deactivate

Deactivate one or more widgets from an active sidebar.

wp widget delete

Delete one or more widgets from a sidebar.

wp widget list

List widgets associated with a sidebar.

wp widget move

Move the position of a widget.

wp widget reset

Reset sidebar.

wp widget update

Update options for an existing widget.

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