wp user import-csv

Import users from a CSV file.

GitHub Issues

If the user already exists (matching the email address or login), then
the user is updated unless the --skip-update flag is used.


The local or remote CSV file of users to import.
Send an email to new users with their account details.
Don’t update users that already exist.


# Import users from local CSV file
$ wp user import-csv /path/to/users.csv
Success: bobjones created
Success: newuser1 created
Success: existinguser created

# Import users from remote CSV file
$ wp user import-csv http://example.com/users.csv

Sample users.csv file:

bobjones,bobjones@example.com,Bob Jones,contributor
newuser1,newuser1@example.com,New User,author
existinguser,existinguser@example.com,Existing User,administrator