wp theme install

Install a theme.

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A theme slug, the path to a local zip file, or URL to a remote zip file.
If set, get that particular version from wordpress.org, instead of the
stable version.
If set, the command will overwrite any installed version of the theme, without prompting
for confirmation.
If set, the theme will be activated immediately after install.


# Install the latest version from wordpress.org and activate
$ wp theme install twentysixteen --activate
Installing Twenty Sixteen (1.2)
Downloading install package from https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/twentysixteen.1.2.zip...
Unpacking the package...
Installing the theme...
Theme installed successfully.
Activating 'twentysixteen'...
Success: Switched to 'Twenty Sixteen' theme.

# Install from a local zip file
$ wp theme install ../my-theme.zip

# Install from a remote zip file
$ wp theme install http://s3.amazonaws.com/bucketname/my-theme.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=123&amp;Expires=456&amp;Signature=abcdef