wp term <command>

Manages taxonomy terms and term meta, with create, delete, and list commands.

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See reference for taxonomies and their terms.


# Create a new term.
$ wp term create category Apple --description="A type of fruit"
Success: Created category 199.

# Get details about a term.
$ wp term get category 199 --format=json --fields=term_id,name,slug,count

# Update an existing term.
$ wp term update category 15 --name=Apple
Success: Term updated.

# Get the term's URL.
$ wp term list post_tag --include=123 --field=url

# Delete post category
$ wp term delete category 15
Success: Deleted category 15.

# Recount posts assigned to each categories and tags
$ wp term recount category post_tag
Success: Updated category term count
Success: Updated post_tag term count


wp term create

Creates a new term.

wp term delete

Deletes an existing term.

wp term generate

Generates some terms.

wp term get

Gets details about a term.

wp term list

Lists terms in a taxonomy.

wp term meta

Adds, updates, deletes, and lists term custom fields.

wp term migrate

Migrate a term of a taxonomy to another taxonomy.

wp term recount

Recalculates number of posts assigned to each term.

wp term update

Updates an existing term.

Command documentation is regenerated at every release. To add or update an example, please submit a pull request against the corresponding part of the codebase.