wp maintenance-mode <command>

Activates, deactivates or checks the status of the maintenance mode of a site.

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# Activate Maintenance mode.
$ wp maintenance-mode activate
Enabling Maintenance mode...
Success: Activated Maintenance mode.

# Deactivate Maintenance mode.
$ wp maintenance-mode deactivate
Disabling Maintenance mode...
Success: Deactivated Maintenance mode.

# Display Maintenance mode status.
$ wp maintenance-mode status
Maintenance mode is active.

# Get Maintenance mode status for scripting purpose.
$ wp maintenance-mode is-active
$ echo $?


wp maintenance-mode activate

Activates maintenance mode.

wp maintenance-mode deactivate

Deactivates maintenance mode.

wp maintenance-mode is-active

Detects maintenance mode status.

wp maintenance-mode status

Displays maintenance mode status.

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