wp core <command>

Download, install, update and manage a WordPress install.


# Download WordPress core
$ wp core download --locale=nl_NL
Downloading WordPress 4.5.2 (nl_NL)...
md5 hash verified: c5366d05b521831dd0b29dfc386e56a5
Success: WordPress downloaded.

# Install WordPress
$ wp core install --url=example.com --title=Example --admin_user=supervisor --admin_password=strongpassword --admin_email=info@example.com
Success: WordPress installed successfully.

# Display the WordPress version
$ wp core version

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Name Description
wp core check-update

Check for WordPress updates via Version Check API.

wp core download

Download core WordPress files.

wp core install

Runs the standard WordPress installation process.

wp core is-installed

Check if WordPress is installed.

wp core multisite-convert

Transform a single-site install into a WordPress multisite install.

wp core multisite-install

Install WordPress multisite from scratch.

wp core update

Update WordPress to a newer version.

wp core update-db

Run the WordPress database update procedure.

wp core version

Display the WordPress version.

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