Function: Returns whether the author of the supplied post has the specified capability.

Source: wp-includes/capabilities.php:753

Used by 0 functions | Uses 2 functions


Function: Returns whether a particular user has the specified capability.

Source: wp-includes/capabilities.php:790

Used by 7 functions | Uses 2 functions


Function: Maps a capability to the primitive capabilities required of the given user to satisfy the capability being checked.

Source: wp-includes/capabilities.php:44

Used by 3 functions | Uses 27 functions


Function: Kills WordPress execution and displays HTML page with an error message.

Source: wp-includes/functions.php:3401

Used by 110 functions | Uses 14 functions


Function: Retrieves the date in localized format, based on a sum of Unix timestamp and timezone offset in seconds.

Source: wp-includes/functions.php:165

Used by 19 functions | Uses 5 functions