Warning: This hook has been deprecated. Use ‘wp_initialize_site’ instead.

do_action_deprecated( 'wpmu_new_blog', int $site_id, int $user_id, string $domain, string $path, int $network_id, array $meta )

Fires immediately after a new site is created.


$site_id int
Site ID.
$user_id int
User ID.
$domain string
Site domain.
$path string
Site path.
$network_id int
Network ID. Only relevant on multi-network installations.
$meta array
Meta data. Used to set initial site options.

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More Information

wpmu_new_blog is an action triggered whenever a new blog is created within a multisite network.

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File: wp-includes/ms-site.php. View all references

	array( $new_site->id, $user_id, $new_site->domain, $new_site->path, $new_site->network_id, $meta ),

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Version Description
5.1.0 Use 'wp_initialize_site' instead.
MU (3.0.0) Introduced.

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