apply_filters( ‘wp_mail_charset’, string $charset )

Filters the default wp_mail() charset.


Default email charset.

More Information

  • The default character encoding for wp_mail() is UTF-8. The character encoding can be changed using the wp_mail_charset filter.
  • While the average user is unlikely to need to change the default character encoding for email, users who need to send email in different languages may find this filter useful.
  • UTF-8 is still the recommended default character encoding to use since it’s backward compatible with ASCII and can represent nearly all languages. As a result, UTF-8 is the most ubiquitous character encoding being used on the web. Users/developers typically do not need to change the character encoding in order to read/write foreign langauges.
  • As of Version 3.5, WordPress character encoding is no longer configurable from the Administration Panel and defaults to UTF-8.


$phpmailer->CharSet = apply_filters( 'wp_mail_charset', $charset );



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