apply_filters( ‘wp_generate_tag_cloud’, string[]|string $return, WP_Term[] $tags, array $args )

Filters the generated output of a tag cloud.


The filter is only evaluated if a true value is passed to the $filter argument in wp_generate_tag_cloud() .

See also


String containing the generated HTML tag cloud output or an array of tag links if the 'format' argument equals 'array'.
An array of terms used in the tag cloud.
An array of wp_generate_tag_cloud() arguments.
More Arguments from wp_generate_tag_cloud( … $args )Array or string of arguments for generating a tag cloud.
  • smallest int
    Smallest font size used to display tags. Paired with the value of $unit, to determine CSS text size unit. Default 8 (pt).
  • largest int
    Largest font size used to display tags. Paired with the value of $unit, to determine CSS text size unit. Default 22 (pt).
  • unit string
    CSS text size unit to use with the $smallest and $largest values. Accepts any valid CSS text size unit. Default 'pt'.
  • number int
    The number of tags to return. Accepts any positive integer or zero to return all.
    Default 0.
  • format string
    Format to display the tag cloud in. Accepts 'flat' (tags separated with spaces), 'list' (tags displayed in an unordered list), or 'array' (returns an array).
    Default 'flat'.
  • separator string
    HTML or text to separate the tags. Default "n" (newline).
  • orderby string
    Value to order tags by. Accepts 'name' or 'count'.
    Default 'name'. The 'tag_cloud_sort' filter can also affect how tags are sorted.
  • order string
    How to order the tags. Accepts 'ASC' (ascending), 'DESC' (descending), or 'RAND' (random). Default 'ASC'.
  • filter int|bool
    Whether to enable filtering of the final output via 'wp_generate_tag_cloud'. Default 1.
  • topic_count_text array
    Nooped plural text from _n_noop() to supply to tag counts. Default null.
  • topic_count_text_callback callable
    Callback used to generate nooped plural text for tag counts based on the count. Default null.
  • topic_count_scale_callback callable
    Callback used to determine the tag count scaling value. Default default_topic_count_scale() .
  • show_count bool|int
    Whether to display the tag counts. Default 0. Accepts 0, 1, or their bool equivalents.


return apply_filters( 'wp_generate_tag_cloud', $return, $tags, $args );



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