Warning: This hook has been deprecated. Use ‘user_erasure_fulfillment_email_subject’ instead.

apply_filters_deprecated( 'user_erasure_complete_email_subject', string $subject, string $sitename, array $email_data )

Filters the subject of the email sent when an erasure request is completed.


$subject string
The email subject.
$sitename string
The name of the site.
$email_data array
Data relating to the account action email.
  • request WP_User_Request
    User request object.
  • message_recipient string
    The address that the email will be sent to. Defaults to the value of $request->email, but can be changed by the user_erasure_fulfillment_email_to filter.
  • privacy_policy_url string
    Privacy policy URL.
  • sitename string
    The site name sending the mail.
  • siteurl string
    The site URL sending the mail.

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File: wp-includes/user.php. View all references

$subject = apply_filters_deprecated(
	array( $subject, $email_data['sitename'], $email_data ),

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Version Description
5.8.0 Use 'user_erasure_fulfillment_email_subject' instead.
4.9.8 Introduced.

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