apply_filters( ‘send_email_change_email’, bool $send, array $user, array $userdata )

Filters whether to send the email change email.


See also


Whether to send the email.
The original user array.
The updated user array.

More Information

It is part of the wp_update_user()  function.


$send_email_change_email = apply_filters( 'send_email_change_email', true, $user, $userdata );



User Contributed Notes

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    To disable the automatic email response to users when their password or email is changed, include this in your functions.php.

     * Disable User Notification of Password Change Confirmation
    add_filter( 'send_email_change_email', '__return_false' );

    This is useful during development when setting up many user accounts at once and you have to change their information. It might be better to only return false if this is not your user id, so the notification still gets delivered if it’s not you doing the changes.

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