apply_filters( ‘rest_pre_update_setting’, bool $result, string $name, mixed $value, array $args )

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Filters whether to preempt a setting value update via the REST API.


Allows hijacking the setting update logic and overriding the built-in behavior by returning true.


Whether to override the default behavior for updating the value of a setting.
Setting name (as shown in REST API responses).
Updated setting value.
Arguments passed to register_setting() for this setting.
More Arguments from register_setting( … $args )Data used to describe the setting when registered.
  • type string
    The type of data associated with this setting.
    Valid values are 'string', 'boolean', 'integer', 'number', 'array', and 'object'.
  • description string
    A description of the data attached to this setting.
  • sanitize_callback callable
    A callback function that sanitizes the option’s value.
  • show_in_rest bool|array
    Whether data associated with this setting should be included in the REST API.
    When registering complex settings, this argument may optionally be an array with a 'schema' key.
  • default mixed
    Default value when calling get_option().


$updated = apply_filters( 'rest_pre_update_setting', false, $name, $request[ $name ], $args );



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