apply_filters( ‘quick_edit_dropdown_pages_args’, array $dropdown_args, bool $bulk )

Filters the arguments used to generate the Quick Edit page-parent drop-down.


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An array of arguments passed to wp_dropdown_pages() .
More Arguments from wp_dropdown_pages( … $args )Array or string of arguments to retrieve pages.
  • child_of int
    Page ID to return child and grandchild pages of. Note: The value of $hierarchical has no bearing on whether $child_of returns hierarchical results. Default 0, or no restriction.
  • sort_order string
    How to sort retrieved pages. Accepts 'ASC', 'DESC'. Default 'ASC'.
  • sort_column string
    What columns to sort pages by, comma-separated. Accepts 'post_author', 'post_date', 'post_title', 'post_name', 'post_modified', 'menu_order', 'post_modified_gmt', 'post_parent', 'ID', 'rand', 'comment*count'.
    'post*' can be omitted for any values that start with it.
    Default 'post_title'.
  • hierarchical bool
    Whether to return pages hierarchically. If false in conjunction with $child_of also being false, both arguments will be disregarded.
    Default true.
  • exclude int[]
    Array of page IDs to exclude.
  • include int[]
    Array of page IDs to include. Cannot be used with $child_of, $parent, $exclude, $meta_key, $meta_value, or $hierarchical.
  • meta_key string
    Only include pages with this meta key.
  • meta_value string
    Only include pages with this meta value. Requires $meta_key.
  • authors string
    A comma-separated list of author IDs.
  • parent int
    Page ID to return direct children of. Default -1, or no restriction.
  • exclude_tree string|int[]
    Comma-separated string or array of page IDs to exclude.
  • number int
    The number of pages to return. Default 0, or all pages.
  • offset int
    The number of pages to skip before returning. Requires $number.
    Default 0.
  • post_type string
    The post type to query. Default 'page'.
  • post_status string|array
    A comma-separated list or array of post statuses to include.
    Default 'publish'.
A flag to denote if it’s a bulk action.


$dropdown_args = apply_filters( 'quick_edit_dropdown_pages_args', $dropdown_args, $bulk );


5.6.0The $bulk parameter was added.

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