apply_filters( ‘quick_edit_dropdown_authors_args’, array $users_opt, bool $bulk )

Filters the arguments used to generate the Quick Edit authors drop-down.


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An array of arguments passed to wp_dropdown_users() .
More Arguments from wp_dropdown_users( … $args )Array or string of arguments to generate a drop-down of users.
See WP_User_Query::prepare_query() for additional available arguments.
  • show_option_all string
    Text to show as the drop-down default (all).
  • show_option_none string
    Text to show as the drop-down default when no users were found.
  • option_none_value int|string
    Value to use for $show_option_none when no users were found. Default -1.
  • hide_if_only_one_author string
    Whether to skip generating the drop-down if only one user was found.
  • orderby string
    Field to order found users by. Accepts user fields.
    Default 'display_name'.
  • order string
    Whether to order users in ascending or descending order. Accepts 'ASC' (ascending) or 'DESC' (descending).
    Default 'ASC'.
  • include int[]|string
    Array or comma-separated list of user IDs to include.
  • exclude int[]|string
    Array or comma-separated list of user IDs to exclude.
  • multi bool|int
    Whether to skip the ID attribute on the 'select' element.
    Accepts 1|true or 0|false. Default 0|false.
  • show string
    User data to display. If the selected item is empty then the 'user_login' will be displayed in parentheses.
    Accepts any user field, or 'display_name_with_login' to show the display name with user_login in parentheses.
    Default 'display_name'.
  • echo int|bool
    Whether to echo or return the drop-down. Accepts 1|true (echo) or 0|false (return). Default 1|true.
  • selected int
    Which user ID should be selected. Default 0.
  • include_selected bool
    Whether to always include the selected user ID in the drop- down. Default false.
  • name string
    Name attribute of select element. Default 'user'.
  • id string
    ID attribute of the select element. Default is the value of $name.
  • class string
    Class attribute of the select element.
  • blog_id int
    ID of blog (Multisite only). Default is ID of the current blog.
  • who string
    Which type of users to query. Accepts only an empty string or 'authors'.
  • role string|array
    An array or a comma-separated list of role names that users must match to be included in results. Note that this is an inclusive list: users must match *each* role.
  • role__in string[]
    An array of role names. Matched users must have at least one of these roles. Default empty array.
  • role__not_in string[]
    An array of role names to exclude. Users matching one or more of these roles will not be included in results. Default empty array.
A flag to denote if it’s a bulk action.


$users_opt = apply_filters( 'quick_edit_dropdown_authors_args', $users_opt, $bulk );



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