apply_filters( ‘pre_recurse_dirsize’, int|false $space_used, string $directory, string|string[]|null $exclude, int $max_execution_time, array $directory_cache )

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Filters the amount of storage space used by one directory and all its children, in megabytes.


Return the actual used space to short-circuit the recursive PHP file size calculation and use something else, like a CDN API or native operating system tools for better performance.


The amount of used space, in bytes. Default false.
Full path of a directory.
Full path of a subdirectory to exclude from the total, or array of paths.
Maximum time to run before giving up. In seconds.
Array of cached directory paths.


$size = apply_filters( 'pre_recurse_dirsize', false, $directory, $exclude, $max_execution_time, $directory_cache );



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