apply_filters( 'pre_do_shortcode_tag', false|string $output, string $tag, array|string $attr, array $m )

Filters whether to call a shortcode callback.


Returning a non-false value from filter will short-circuit the shortcode generation process, returning that value instead.

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$output false|string
Short-circuit return value. Either false or the value to replace the shortcode with.
$tag string
Shortcode name.
$attr array|string
Shortcode attributes array or the original arguments string if it cannot be parsed.
$m array
Regular expression match array.

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File: wp-includes/shortcodes.php. View all references

$return = apply_filters( 'pre_do_shortcode_tag', false, $tag, $attr, $m );

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Version Description
4.7.0 Introduced.

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