apply_filters( 'cron_request', array $cron_request_array, string $doing_wp_cron )

Filters the cron request arguments.


$cron_request_array array
An array of cron request URL arguments.
  • url string
    The cron request URL.
  • key int
    The 22 digit GMT microtime.
  • args array
    An array of cron request arguments.
    • timeout int
      The request timeout in seconds. Default .01 seconds.
    • blocking bool
      Whether to set blocking for the request. Default false.
    • sslverify bool
      Whether SSL should be verified for the request. Default false.
$doing_wp_cron string
The unix timestamp of the cron lock.

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File: wp-includes/cron.php. View all references

$cron_request = apply_filters(
		'url'  => add_query_arg( 'doing_wp_cron', $doing_wp_cron, site_url( 'wp-cron.php' ) ),
		'key'  => $doing_wp_cron,
		'args' => array(
			'timeout'   => 0.01,
			'blocking'  => false,
			/** This filter is documented in wp-includes/class-wp-http-streams.php */
			'sslverify' => apply_filters( 'https_local_ssl_verify', false ),

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Version Description
4.5.0 The $doing_wp_cron parameter was added.
3.5.0 Introduced.

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