wp_register_script_module( string $id, string $src, array $deps = array(), string|false|null $version = false )

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Registers the script module if no script module with that script module identifier has already been registered.


The identifier of the script module. Should be unique. It will be used in the final import map.
Full URL of the script module, or path of the script module relative to the WordPress root directory. If it is provided and the script module has not been registered yet, it will be registered.
List of dependencies.
  • ...$0 string|array
    An array of script module identifiers of the dependencies of this script module. The dependencies can be strings or arrays. If they are arrays, they need an id key with the script module identifier, and can contain an import key with either static or dynamic. By default, dependencies that don’t contain an import key are considered static.
    • id string
      The script module identifier.
    • import string
      Optional. Import type. May be either static or dynamic. Defaults to static.


String specifying the script module version number. Defaults to false.
It is added to the URL as a query string for cache busting purposes. If $version is set to false, the version number is the currently installed WordPress version.
If $version is set to null, no version is added.



function wp_register_script_module( string $id, string $src, array $deps = array(), $version = false ) {
	wp_script_modules()->register( $id, $src, $deps, $version );



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