the_comments_pagination( array $args = array() )

Displays a paginated navigation to next/previous set of comments, when applicable.


$args array Optional
See get_the_comments_pagination() for available arguments.
More Arguments from get_the_comments_pagination( ... $args ) Default pagination arguments.
  • screen_reader_text string
    Screen reader text for the nav element. Default 'Comments navigation'.
  • aria_label string
    ARIA label text for the nav element. Default 'Comments'.
  • class string
    Custom class for the nav element. Default 'comments-pagination'.

Default: array()

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File: wp-includes/link-template.php. View all references

function the_comments_pagination( $args = array() ) {
	echo get_the_comments_pagination( $args );

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Version Description
4.4.0 Introduced.

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