serialize_block_attributes( array $block_attributes ): string

Given an array of attributes, returns a string in the serialized attributes format prepared for post content.


The serialized result is a JSON-encoded string, with unicode escape sequence substitution for characters which might otherwise interfere with embedding the result in an HTML comment.

This function must produce output that remains in sync with the output of the serializeAttributes JavaScript function in the block editor in order to ensure consistent operation between PHP and JavaScript.

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$block_attributes array Required
Attributes object.

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string Serialized attributes.

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File: wp-includes/blocks.php. View all references

function serialize_block_attributes( $block_attributes ) {
	$encoded_attributes = wp_json_encode( $block_attributes, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES | JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE );
	$encoded_attributes = preg_replace( '/--/', '\\u002d\\u002d', $encoded_attributes );
	$encoded_attributes = preg_replace( '/</', '\\u003c', $encoded_attributes );
	$encoded_attributes = preg_replace( '/>/', '\\u003e', $encoded_attributes );
	$encoded_attributes = preg_replace( '/&/', '\\u0026', $encoded_attributes );
	// Regex: /\\"/
	$encoded_attributes = preg_replace( '/\\\\"/', '\\u0022', $encoded_attributes );

	return $encoded_attributes;

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Version Description
5.3.1 Introduced.

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