Display the rss enclosure for the current post.

Description Description

Uses the global $post to check whether the post requires a password and if the user has the password for the post. If not then it will return before displaying.

Also uses the function get_post_custom() to get the post’s ‘enclosure’ metadata field and parses the value to display the enclosure(s). The enclosure(s) consist of enclosure HTML tag(s) with a URI and other attributes.

Source Source

File: wp-includes/feed.php

function rss_enclosure() {
	if ( post_password_required() )

	foreach ( (array) get_post_custom() as $key => $val) {
		if ($key == 'enclosure') {
			foreach ( (array) $val as $enc ) {
				$enclosure = explode("\n", $enc);

				// only get the first element, e.g. audio/mpeg from 'audio/mpeg mpga mp2 mp3'
				$t = preg_split('/[ \t]/', trim($enclosure[2]) );
				$type = $t[0];

				 * Filters the RSS enclosure HTML link tag for the current post.
				 * @since 2.2.0
				 * @param string $html_link_tag The HTML link tag with a URI and other attributes.
				echo apply_filters( 'rss_enclosure', '<enclosure url="' . trim( htmlspecialchars( $enclosure[0] ) ) . '" length="' . trim( $enclosure[1] ) . '" type="' . $type . '" />' . "\n" );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.5.0 Introduced.

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