Warning: This function has been deprecated. Use wp_register_sidebar_widget() instead.

register_sidebar_widget( string|int $name, callable $output_callback, string $classname = '' )

Register widget for sidebar with backwards compatibility.

Description Description

Allows $name to be an array that accepts either three elements to grab the first element and the third for the name or just uses the first element of the array for the name.

Passes to wp_register_sidebar_widget() after argument list and backwards compatibility is complete.

Parameters Parameters


(string|int) (Required) Widget ID.


(callable) (Required) Run when widget is called.


(string) (Optional) Classname widget option.

Default value: ''


(mixed) (Optional) ,... Widget parameters.

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Source Source

File: wp-includes/deprecated.php

function register_sidebar_widget($name, $output_callback, $classname = '') {
	_deprecated_function( __FUNCTION__, '2.8', 'wp_register_sidebar_widget()' );
	// Compat
	if ( is_array($name) ) {
		if ( count($name) == 3 )
			$name = sprintf($name[0], $name[2]);
			$name = $name[0];

	$id = sanitize_title($name);
	$options = array();
	if ( !empty($classname) && is_string($classname) )
		$options['classname'] = $classname;
	$params = array_slice(func_get_args(), 2);
	$args = array($id, $name, $output_callback, $options);
	if ( !empty($params) )
		$args = array_merge($args, $params);

	call_user_func_array('wp_register_sidebar_widget', $args);

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.2.0 Introduced.

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