inject_ignored_hooked_blocks_metadata_attributes( stdClass $post, WP_REST_Request $request ): stdClass

This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.

Inject ignoredHookedBlocks metadata attributes into a template or template part.


Given an object that represents a wp_template or wp_template_part post object prepared for inserting or updating the database, locate all blocks that have hooked blocks, and inject a metadata.ignoredHookedBlocks attribute into the anchor blocks to reflect the latter.


An object representing a template or template part prepared for inserting or updating the database.
Request object.


stdClass The updated object representing a template or template part.


function inject_ignored_hooked_blocks_metadata_attributes( $post, $request ) {
	$filter_name = current_filter();
	if ( ! str_starts_with( $filter_name, 'rest_pre_insert_' ) ) {
		return $post;
	$post_type = str_replace( 'rest_pre_insert_', '', $filter_name );

	$hooked_blocks = get_hooked_blocks();
	if ( empty( $hooked_blocks ) && ! has_filter( 'hooked_block_types' ) ) {
		return $post;

	// At this point, the post has already been created.
	// We need to build the corresponding `WP_Block_Template` object as context argument for the visitor.
	// To that end, we need to suppress hooked blocks from getting inserted into the template.
	add_filter( 'hooked_block_types', '__return_empty_array', 99999, 0 );
	$template = $request['id'] ? get_block_template( $request['id'], $post_type ) : null;
	remove_filter( 'hooked_block_types', '__return_empty_array', 99999 );

	$before_block_visitor = make_before_block_visitor( $hooked_blocks, $template, 'set_ignored_hooked_blocks_metadata' );
	$after_block_visitor  = make_after_block_visitor( $hooked_blocks, $template, 'set_ignored_hooked_blocks_metadata' );

	$blocks  = parse_blocks( $post->post_content );
	$content = traverse_and_serialize_blocks( $blocks, $before_block_visitor, $after_block_visitor );

	$post->post_content = $content;
	return $post;



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