get_template_directory(): string

Retrieves template directory path for the active theme.


string Path to active theme’s template directory.

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echo get_template_directory();

Returns an absolute server path (eg: /home/user/public_html/wp-content/themes/my_theme), not a URI.

In the case a child theme is being used, the absolute path to the parent theme directory will be returned. Use get_stylesheet_directory() to get the absolute path to the child theme directory.

To retrieve the URI of the stylesheet directory use get_stylesheet_directory_uri() instead.


  • Uses: get_theme_root() to retrieve the absolute path to the themes directory, get_template() to retrieve the directory name of the current theme.
  • Does not output a trailing slash


function get_template_directory() {
	$template     = get_template();
	$theme_root   = get_theme_root( $template );
	$template_dir = "$theme_root/$template";

	 * Filters the active theme directory path.
	 * @since 1.5.0
	 * @param string $template_dir The path of the active theme directory.
	 * @param string $template     Directory name of the active theme.
	 * @param string $theme_root   Absolute path to the themes directory.
	return apply_filters( 'template_directory', $template_dir, $template, $theme_root );


apply_filters( ‘template_directory’, string $template_dir, string $template, string $theme_root )

Filters the active theme directory path.


6.4.1Memoization removed.
6.4.0Memoizes filter execution so that it only runs once for the current theme.

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