Alert: This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.

__checked_selected_helper( mixed $helper, mixed $current, bool $echo, string $type )

Private helper function for checked, selected, disabled and readonly.


Compares the first two arguments and if identical marks as $type.

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(mixed) (Required) One of the values to compare.


(mixed) (Required) The other value to compare if not just true.


(bool) (Required) Whether to echo or just return the string.


(string) (Required) The type of checked|selected|disabled|readonly we are doing.

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(string) HTML attribute or empty string.

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File: wp-includes/general-template.php

function __checked_selected_helper( $helper, $current, $echo, $type ) { // phpcs:ignore WordPress.NamingConventions.ValidFunctionName.FunctionDoubleUnderscore,PHPCompatibility.FunctionNameRestrictions.ReservedFunctionNames.FunctionDoubleUnderscore
	if ( (string) $helper === (string) $current ) {
		$result = " $type='$type'";
	} else {
		$result = '';

	if ( $echo ) {
		echo $result;

	return $result;

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Version Description
2.8.0 Introduced.

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