wp_xmlrpc_server::error( IXR_Error|string $error, false $message = false )

Sends error response to client.


Sends an XML error response to the client. If the endpoint is enabled an HTTP 200 response is always sent per the XML-RPC specification.

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$error IXR_Error|string Required
Error code or an error object.
$message false Optional
Error message. Optional.

Default: false

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File: wp-includes/class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php. View all references

public function error( $error, $message = false ) {
	// Accepts either an error object or an error code and message
	if ( $message && ! is_object( $error ) ) {
		$error = new IXR_Error( $error, $message );

	if ( ! $this->is_enabled ) {
		status_header( $error->code );

	$this->output( $error->getXml() );

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Version Description
5.7.3 Introduced.

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