WP_Widget_Text::inject_video_max_width_style( array $matches )

Inject max-width and remove height for videos too constrained to fit inside sidebars on frontend.

Description Description

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Parameters Parameters


(array) (Required) Pattern matches from preg_replace_callback.

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Return Return

(string) HTML Output.

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Source Source

File: wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-text.php

	public function inject_video_max_width_style( $matches ) {
		$html = $matches[0];
		$html = preg_replace( '/\sheight="\d+"/', '', $html );
		$html = preg_replace( '/\swidth="\d+"/', '', $html );
		$html = preg_replace( '/(?<=width:)\s*\d+px(?=;?)/', '100%', $html );
		return $html;

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
4.9.0 Introduced.

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