WP_Style_Engine::compile_stylesheet_from_css_rules( WP_Style_Engine_CSS_Rule[] $css_rules, array $options = array() ): string

Returns a compiled stylesheet from stored CSS rules.


$css_rules WP_Style_Engine_CSS_Rule[] Required
An array of WP_Style_Engine_CSS_Rule objects from a store or otherwise.
$options array Optional
An array of options.
  • optimize bool
    Whether to optimize the CSS output, e.g., combine rules. Default is false.
  • prettify bool
    Whether to add new lines and indents to output. Default is the test of whether the global constant SCRIPT_DEBUG is defined.

Default: array()

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string A compiled stylesheet from stored CSS rules.

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File: wp-includes/style-engine/class-wp-style-engine.php. View all references

public static function compile_stylesheet_from_css_rules( $css_rules, $options = array() ) {
	$processor = new WP_Style_Engine_Processor();
	$processor->add_rules( $css_rules );
	return $processor->get_css( $options );

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Version Description
6.1.0 Introduced.

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