WP_REST_Application_Passwords_Controller::get_current_item_permissions_check( WP_REST_Request $request ): true|WP_Error

Checks if a given request has access to get the currently used application password for a user.


$request WP_REST_Request Required
Full details about the request.

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true|WP_Error True if the request has read access for the item, WP_Error object otherwise.

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File: wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-application-passwords-controller.php. View all references

public function get_current_item_permissions_check( $request ) {
	$user = $this->get_user( $request );

	if ( is_wp_error( $user ) ) {
		return $user;

	if ( get_current_user_id() !== $user->ID ) {
		return new WP_Error(
			__( 'The authenticated application password can only be introspected for the current user.' ),
			array( 'status' => rest_authorization_required_code() )

	return true;

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Version Description
5.7.0 Introduced.

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