WP_Network_Query::__construct( string|array $query = '' )



Sets up the network query, based on the query vars passed.

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$query string|array Optional
Array or query string of network query parameters.
  • network__inint[]
    Array of network IDs to include.
  • network__not_inint[]
    Array of network IDs to exclude.
  • countbool
    Whether to return a network count (true) or array of network objects.
    Default false.
  • fieldsstring
    Network fields to return. Accepts 'ids' (returns an array of network IDs) or empty (returns an array of complete network objects).
  • numberint
    Maximum number of networks to retrieve. Default empty (no limit).
  • offsetint
    Number of networks to offset the query. Used to build LIMIT clause.
    Default 0.
  • no_found_rowsbool
    Whether to disable the SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS query. Default true.
  • orderbystring|array
    Network status or array of statuses. Accepts 'id', 'domain', 'path', 'domain_length', 'path_length' and 'network__in'. Also accepts false, an empty array, or 'none' to disable ORDER BY clause. Default 'id'.
  • orderstring
    How to order retrieved networks. Accepts 'ASC', 'DESC'. Default 'ASC'.
  • domainstring
    Limit results to those affiliated with a given domain.
  • domain__instring[]
    Array of domains to include affiliated networks for.
  • domain__not_instring[]
    Array of domains to exclude affiliated networks for.
  • pathstring
    Limit results to those affiliated with a given path.
  • path__instring[]
    Array of paths to include affiliated networks for.
  • path__not_instring[]
    Array of paths to exclude affiliated networks for.
  • searchstring
    Search term(s) to retrieve matching networks for.
  • update_network_cachebool
    Whether to prime the cache for found networks. Default true.

Default: ''

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File: wp-includes/class-wp-network-query.php. View all references

public function __construct( $query = '' ) {
	$this->query_var_defaults = array(
		'network__in'          => '',
		'network__not_in'      => '',
		'count'                => false,
		'fields'               => '',
		'number'               => '',
		'offset'               => '',
		'no_found_rows'        => true,
		'orderby'              => 'id',
		'order'                => 'ASC',
		'domain'               => '',
		'domain__in'           => '',
		'domain__not_in'       => '',
		'path'                 => '',
		'path__in'             => '',
		'path__not_in'         => '',
		'search'               => '',
		'update_network_cache' => true,

	if ( ! empty( $query ) ) {
		$this->query( $query );

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Version Description
4.6.0 Introduced.

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