WP_List_Table::get_sortable_columns(): array

Gets a list of sortable columns.


The format is:

  • 'internal-name' => 'orderby'
  • 'internal-name' => array( 'orderby', bool, 'abbr', 'orderby-text', 'initially-sorted-column-order' )
  • 'internal-name' => array( 'orderby', 'asc' ) – The second element sets the initial sorting order.
  • 'internal-name' => array( 'orderby', true ) – The second element makes the initial order descending.

In the second format, passing true as second parameter will make the initial sorting order be descending. Following parameters add a short column name to be used as ‘abbr’ attribute, a translatable string for the current sorting, and the initial order for the initial sorted column, ‘asc’ or ‘desc’ (default: false).



More Information

This method should be overridden to return an associative array of columns that you want to make sortable. The associative array should follow the format 'column_slug'=>array('sortby',true), where the second property states whether the field is presorted. This is frequently used to provide part of the _column_headers property.


protected function get_sortable_columns() {
	return array();


6.3.0Added 'abbr', 'orderby-text' and 'initially-sorted-column-order'.

User Contributed Notes

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         * Get sortable columns
         * @return array
        function get_sortable_columns(){
            $s_columns = array (
                'title' => [ 'title', true], 
                'deposit' => [ 'deposit', true],
            return $s_columns;

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