WP_Interactivity_API::data_wp_interactive_processor( WP_Interactivity_API_Directives_Processor $p, string $mode, array $context_stack, array $namespace_stack )

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This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.

Processes the data-wp-interactive directive.


It adds the default store namespace defined in the directive value to the stack so that it’s available for the nested interactivity elements.


The directives processor instance.
Whether the processing is entering or exiting the tag.
The reference to the context stack.
The reference to the store namespace stack.


private function data_wp_interactive_processor( WP_Interactivity_API_Directives_Processor $p, string $mode, array &$context_stack, array &$namespace_stack ) {
	// When exiting tags, it removes the last namespace from the stack.
	if ( 'exit' === $mode ) {
		array_pop( $namespace_stack );

	// Tries to decode the `data-wp-interactive` attribute value.
	$attribute_value = $p->get_attribute( 'data-wp-interactive' );

	 * Pushes the newly defined namespace or the current one if the
	 * `data-wp-interactive` definition was invalid or does not contain a
	 * namespace. It does so because the function pops out the current namespace
	 * from the stack whenever it finds a `data-wp-interactive`'s closing tag,
	 * independently of whether the previous `data-wp-interactive` definition
	 * contained a valid namespace.
	$new_namespace = null;
	if ( is_string( $attribute_value ) && ! empty( $attribute_value ) ) {
		$decoded_json = json_decode( $attribute_value, true );
		if ( is_array( $decoded_json ) ) {
			$new_namespace = $decoded_json['namespace'] ?? null;
		} else {
			$new_namespace = $attribute_value;
	$namespace_stack[] = ( $new_namespace && 1 === preg_match( '/^([\w\-_\/]+)/', $new_namespace ) )
		? $new_namespace
		: end( $namespace_stack );



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