WP_HTML_Processor::seek( string $bookmark_name ): bool

Moves the internal cursor in the HTML Processor to a given bookmark’s location.


In order to prevent accidental infinite loops, there’s a maximum limit on the number of times seek() can be called.


Jump to the place in the document identified by this bookmark name.


bool Whether the internal cursor was successfully moved to the bookmark’s location.


public function seek( $bookmark_name ) {
	$actual_bookmark_name = "_{$bookmark_name}";
	$processor_started_at = $this->state->current_token
		? $this->bookmarks[ $this->state->current_token->bookmark_name ]->start
		: 0;
	$bookmark_starts_at   = $this->bookmarks[ $actual_bookmark_name ]->start;
	$direction            = $bookmark_starts_at > $processor_started_at ? 'forward' : 'backward';

	switch ( $direction ) {
		case 'forward':
			// When moving forwards, re-parse the document until reaching the same location as the original bookmark.
			while ( $this->step() ) {
				if ( $bookmark_starts_at === $this->bookmarks[ $this->state->current_token->bookmark_name ]->start ) {
					return true;

			return false;

		case 'backward':
			 * When moving backwards, clear out all existing stack entries which appear after the destination
			 * bookmark. These could be stored for later retrieval, but doing so would require additional
			 * memory overhead and also demand that references and bookmarks are updated as the document
			 * changes. In time this could be a valuable optimization, but it's okay to give up that
			 * optimization in exchange for more CPU time to recompute the stack, to re-parse the
			 * document that may have already been parsed once.
			foreach ( $this->state->stack_of_open_elements->walk_up() as $item ) {
				if ( $bookmark_starts_at >= $this->bookmarks[ $item->bookmark_name ]->start ) {

				$this->state->stack_of_open_elements->remove_node( $item );

			foreach ( $this->state->active_formatting_elements->walk_up() as $item ) {
				if ( $bookmark_starts_at >= $this->bookmarks[ $item->bookmark_name ]->start ) {

				$this->state->active_formatting_elements->remove_node( $item );

			return parent::seek( $actual_bookmark_name );



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