WP_Filesystem_Base::dirlist( string $path, bool $include_hidden = true, bool $recursive = false )

Gets details for files in a directory or a specific file.



(string) (Required) Path to directory or file.


(bool) (Optional) Whether to include details of hidden ("." prefixed) files.

Default value: true


(bool) (Optional) Whether to recursively include file details in nested directories.

Default value: false

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(array|false) Array of files. False if unable to list directory contents.

  • 'name'
    (string) Name of the file or directory.
  • 'perms'
    (string) *nix representation of permissions.
  • 'permsn'
    (string) Octal representation of permissions.
  • 'owner'
    (string) Owner name or ID.
  • 'size'
    (int) Size of file in bytes.
  • 'lastmodunix'
    (int) Last modified unix timestamp.
  • 'lastmod'
    (mixed) Last modified month (3 letter) and day (without leading 0).
  • 'time'
    (int) Last modified time.
  • 'type'
    (string) Type of resource. 'f' for file, 'd' for directory.
  • 'files'
    (mixed) If a directory and $recursive is true, contains another array of files.

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File: wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-base.php

	public function dirlist( $path, $include_hidden = true, $recursive = false ) {
		return false;

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Version Description
2.5.0 Introduced.

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