WP_Community_Events::trim_events( array $events ): array

Prepares the event list for presentation.


Discards expired events, and makes WordCamps "sticky." Attendees need more advanced notice about WordCamps than they do for meetups, so camps should appear in the list sooner. If a WordCamp is coming up, the API will "stick" it in the response, even if it wouldn’t otherwise appear. When that happens, the event will be at the end of the list, and will need to be moved into a higher position, so that it doesn’t get trimmed off.


The events that will be prepared.


array The response body with events trimmed.


protected function trim_events( array $events ) {
	$future_events = array();

	foreach ( $events as $event ) {
		 * The API's `date` and `end_date` fields are in the _event's_ local timezone, but UTC is needed so
		 * it can be converted to the _user's_ local time.
		$end_time = (int) $event['end_unix_timestamp'];

		if ( time() < $end_time ) {
			// Decode HTML entities from the event title.
			$event['title'] = html_entity_decode( $event['title'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8' );

			array_push( $future_events, $event );

	$future_wordcamps = array_filter(
		static function ( $wordcamp ) {
			return 'wordcamp' === $wordcamp['type'];

	$future_wordcamps    = array_values( $future_wordcamps ); // Remove gaps in indices.
	$trimmed_events      = array_slice( $future_events, 0, 3 );
	$trimmed_event_types = wp_list_pluck( $trimmed_events, 'type' );

	// Make sure the soonest upcoming WordCamp is pinned in the list.
	if ( $future_wordcamps && ! in_array( 'wordcamp', $trimmed_event_types, true ) ) {
		array_pop( $trimmed_events );
		array_push( $trimmed_events, $future_wordcamps[0] );

	return $trimmed_events;


6.0.0Decode HTML entities from the event title.
5.5.2Accepts and returns only the events, rather than an entire HTTP response.
4.9.7Stick a WordCamp to the final list.

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