Whether the entire automatic updater is disabled.

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File: wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater.php

	public function is_disabled() {
		// Background updates are disabled if you don't want file changes.
		if ( ! wp_is_file_mod_allowed( 'automatic_updater' ) )
			return true;

		if ( wp_installing() )
			return true;

		// More fine grained control can be done through the WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE constant and filters.

		 * Filters whether to entirely disable background updates.
		 * There are more fine-grained filters and controls for selective disabling.
		 * This filter parallels the AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED constant in name.
		 * This also disables update notification emails. That may change in the future.
		 * @since 3.7.0
		 * @param bool $disabled Whether the updater should be disabled.
		return apply_filters( 'automatic_updater_disabled', $disabled );

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3.7.0 Introduced.

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