Walker_Category::end_el( string $output, object $data_object, int $depth, array $args = array() )

Ends the element output, if needed.


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$output string Required
Used to append additional content (passed by reference).
$data_object object Required
Category data object. Not used.
$depth int Optional
Depth of category. Not used.
$args array Optional
An array of arguments. Only uses 'list' for whether should append to output. See wp_list_categories() .
More Arguments from wp_list_categories( ... $args ) Array or string of arguments. See WP_Term_Query::__construct() for information on accepted arguments.

Default: array()

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File: wp-includes/class-walker-category.php. View all references

public function end_el( &$output, $data_object, $depth = 0, $args = array() ) {
	if ( 'list' !== $args['style'] ) {

	$output .= "</li>\n";

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Version Description
5.9.0 Renamed $page to $data_object to match parent class for PHP 8 named parameter support.
2.1.0 Introduced.

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